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So, and... the way to become Martino Friend?

Just with an annual membership!

Write to the author and you’ll become Martino Friend!

As the stories are released by age (as you can see in all Martino tales page), in your e-mail you must write the name and the age of your child. Right after that, your child will receive every Thursday a Martino story until next December.

The membership is renewed yearly, with a contribute of US$ 52 each year.

Become Martino Friend! Advantages? A lot!

  1. 1.You’ll receive, every Thursday of the year, a new story of Martino Tales, for all weeks of the year!

  1. 2.Tho story you'll receive will be in audio format, with music and narration! (*)

  1. 3.You’ll have complete access to Martino website**, with your personal panel, where you can listen to all Martino Tales previously published, and be able to see and boy all Martino relate products!

  1. 5.And, of course, you become Martino Friend!

* All tales in audio format will be available via personal panel.

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