Martin0 Birthday Party

Tomorrow is Martino birthday.

Martino little sister, whose name is Elena, has decided to make him a big cake as a present. So she goes into the kitchen, puts on her little white apron, prepares the flour and…

Oh no! Martino is coming into the kitchen! Quickly, Elena hides everything. Martino grabs an apple, turns on the radio and leaves again immediately, waving to his sister.

Now, finally, Elena can make the cake, and she does this while listening to music on the radio.

Elena, however, is a bit distracted: as she listens to the music she starts to... daydream! She imagines the eggs dancing with all sorts of musical notes, the sugar singing with a little violin, the flour playing the flute and she conducts  everyone with her wooden spoon.

Then Elena starts singing as well as she puts the cake in the oven.

After forty minutes, the cake is ready. What a lovely smell!

With a twirl, Elena opens the oven and pulls out the cake. Elena keeps singing.

But she sings softly, because Martino is nearby. She hides the cake for the birthday surprise in the cupboard.

The next day, it’s time to celebrate.

All of Martino friends come to his birthday party with many presents: teddy-bears, toy cars, books.

Martino is overwhelmed by the presents and Elena is happy because she knows she’ll be able to play with them too.

After a short time, Elena goes into the kitchen and comes back out with her present for Martino: the big cake!

All the kids clap and surround the cake, hungry for a slice. Elena puts the big cake on the table and Martino blows out the little candles with the help of his friends. Everyone claps again. Elena starts to cut the cake and…

it’s amazing: all sorts of musical notes come out of the cake! What a surprise! All the kids are enchanted.

“What a great show,” everyone exclaims.

Immediately they start singing in chorus: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Martino, happy birthday to you!

And, happily, they all eat a piece of Elena special cake.

Martino birthday party, © 2008

NG, ©1996-2019

Martino Birthday Party is a story from "Martino Adventures" series, made​​up of more than 70 short stories.

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