Martino Makes a Car

One beautiful, sunny day, Martino and Elena went to the mountains for a picnic with their mom and dad. After feasting on their lunch, they went for a walk along the path in the forest. There were many leaves, pine cones and broken branches on the ground. Martino took six big branches and loaded them into the car.

As soon as they got home, he brought the branches to the garage: he had decided to build himself a car. He took the hammer, nails and glue, the saw and the four wheels of an old cart and he started working.

It wasn’t easy because Bobby, his dog, kept taking his tools away, but he managed to finish his project: a beautiful car. A lovely car with wheels that was soon driving around the yard with Elena and Bobby inside! For the sound of the horn, Martino squeezed Bobby’s tail, which made him go woof! woof! For night lights, he used two large flashlights. For gas, the car drank orange juice.

Martino's car was so lovely that even his little sister Elena wanted to ride inside, but this made it hard to move. So Bobby started pulling the car, barking away as he pulled Martino, Elena and Fluffy, the pretty little cat who’d jumped into the car and was meowing with satisfaction.

And they all went for a long drive in the back yard!

Martin makes a car, © 2008

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Martino makes a car is one of the tales from the series "Martino Adventures", made​​ up of more than 70 short stories.

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