Martino gets a new car is a story from "Martino Adventures" series, made​​ up of more than 70 short stories.

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Martino gets a new car

Big news at Martino house, his dad decided to buy a new car!

It’s been about one month that dad has been talking about this new car and now finally the big day is here! For Martino and Elena it’s a very big day too, because they are going to help dad choose the new car.

After about ten minutes of travelling in the car, Martino asked where they are going to buy the new car. “Dad, in the city there are many car dealers, why are we going so far away?"

“I have a friend who sells cars and he can help me decide on a good car for the best price” answered dad.

“We can help you decide too!”

“Yes, and not only that, Elena” said Dad, “you will also choose the car we buy!”

Woow!! This is going to be fun, thought the children as their dad parked the car.

There finally arrived at the car dealer! Getting out of their car they saw a wooden building with a strange sign saying: “The best cars at your price”.

“What does that mean?” asked Martino

“It means that we are going to find our car at the price that we like” answered dad smiling. “Hey, Rocco!”

“Hi, Alvi!” said a man with graying hair as he came around the counter and welcomed dad in with the children.

“I see you brought your advisors with you! Very good!”

What a nice man, thought Martino.

“What are your names? asked Rocco

“My name is Martino and she’s my little sister” - “My name is Elena and I will decide which car we buy too!”

“Of course, that goes without saying!” said the friendly man smiling. “What type of car are you looking for?”

Dad is starting to speak but Martino spoke first saying: “ Is has to be nice, big and have lots of room!” - “Yes, because we have to have room for our musical instruments” added Elena.

“Hmmm... nice, big and roomy” repeated Rocco. “What type of engine do you want?”

Now it was dad’s turn to speak, but before he could open his mouth Martino said: ”It has to be very quiet and make no noise at all” - “ Yes, because we listen to music when we travel and we want to talk to each other too!”

“Hmmm... quiet motor, anything else?” asked Rocco.

Dad was taking a breath getting ready to speak but Martino spoke first and said: ”Near the passenger seat there has to be enough room to put books, some food and our drinks!”

“...Space between the passenger seat, of course!” laughs Rocco. “And for the driver?”

“The driver doesn’t need much room” answered Elena, “all he does is drive!”

“Hey, I want my space too!!” said dad quickly.

“Of course dad”, agreed Martino. “I want to tell Rocco that Elena and I want the blue one”. - “Yes, the blue one, it’s a nice colour and even Mom likes it!” said the little sister.

Rocco looked at his friend Alvi who threw his hands in the air and shook his head smiling.

“How will you pay for the car?” asked Rocco.

“Well,” sighed Martino, “I guess it’s only fair to let dad decide how to pay for it.” - “Yes, the car is partly his too” agreed Elena, “we can let dad decide how to pay for it!”

Rocco looked at Alvi and started to laugh, both marvelled at what good advisors Martino and Elena have been.

Martin gets a new car, © 2008