Martino  and the new outfit

An orchestra is being formed with Martino friends!

They are discussing the details at Martino house. In the orchestra there is Martino, Elena, Felix, Luigi, and Ian.

“We have the instruments, the music, the dates and concert times....” said Martino. “What else do we need?  It looks like we are ready to go”

“What are we going to wear?” asked Luigi. 

“Don’t we need a special suit or something?” asked Elena. 

“Yes, we need a special suit so we can all look the same” said Ian.

“We need a white shirt too!” exclaimed Felix who likes getting dressed up.

“We should ask my dad what to do” said Martino. “DAAAAAD” he yelled at the top of his lungs!

So loud that everyone had to cover their ears! Even from far away Martino's dad knew this call and came quickly to the living room.

“Here I am, little musicians, but mighty singers!” said Alvi smiling and looking at Martino.

“We were organizing our concerts” said Martino “and realized that we should all have the same suit.  What do you think, dad?”

“I think that is a great idea!  Let’s get ready to go see a lady who lives close by” answered Alvi.

“Why?” asked Elena.

“So we can take measurements for your new suits of course!” Elena informed the children.

Wow!  What a pleasant surprise and a very quick decision made by Martino’s dad!  They quickly follow him to the house close by. 

As soon as they were out of the house Martino asked “Who is this lady?”

“She is a friend of mine who happens to be a very good tailor.”  answered Alvi.

“A tailor?” echoed the children

“Ah yes” Alvi continued “to play well we must wear comfortable clothes, don’t you think so?”

“I agree!” said Felix quickly along with Luigi and the other friends who nodded in agreement.

Ding, dong they rang the doorbell on the white and red house.  The door opened and....

“Hey ALVI, welcome!  Dear children, come in, come in.”

“Hi Maria, these children are playing in an orchestra” said Dad

“Oh my, some young musicians!” said Maria smiling “what an honour to meet you.  So tell me with what style of suits will they be needing?”

“Concert suits!” exclaimed MartinO.

“They have to be all the same colour” added Johnny

“And a white shirt” Felix chimed in

“We also need a jacket” added Luigi

“And a bow tie!” said Ian

“Why not a regular tie?” asked Elena

“Wait a minute” interrupted Maria “we can decide what kind of tie goes with the suit later.  The first thing we need to do is take your measurements.  Everyone in the living room please”

The five children were very happy to follow Maria to the living room but curious to what they were going to do there. 

“What kind of measurements is she going to take?” whispered Martino to his dad suspiciously.

“She is going to measure your body of course!  Maria is MAKING the suits and needs to know how big to make them” answered Alvi and Maria came back with fabric, paper and pencil and of course a measuring tape!

“Okay who’s first?” asked Maria.  Martino made his way to Maria and she started measuring everything; his legs, arms, torso, shoulders, neck, hips, waist and how tall he was too!

“Wow that’s a lot of measurements!”

“They are necessary to make the suit as comfortable as possible to play in.  This is how tailors create suits that fit!” explained Maria as she continued writing numbers on the paper.  “First the measurements and then we decide all the rest”

“So can we decide the rest now?” asked Elena impatiently.

“We want a white shirt!” exclaimed Felix and everyone agreed.

“The suit should be black” added Martino.  Ian and Elena were not quite sure if this was the best idea.  “It’s the musicians’ colour!  Dad’s a musician and his suit is black” he protested.

“Yes Martino, you are correct but for children it’s a little too serious” Maria tried to appease him.

“Well, how about a red one?” proposed Ian.

“No, red attracts too much attention, I say green!” jokes Luigi.

“How about violet?”

“Nooooo Martino!!” answered all the children

“I just said that because it sounds almost like Viola the musical instrument!” Martino was teasing everyone now.

“How about a blue-grey?” suggested Felix. Everyone thought about it for a while and agreed it would be an excellent colour for an orchestra.

“Bravo Felix, a very good suggestion” said Maria “What does everyone think?”

“Yes!” was the final answer.  Everyone agreed on the blue-grey colour.

“Okay, let’s say good-bye to Maria and leave her to work” said Dad.

“When will the suits be ready?” asked Martino before they left.

Maria thought for a moment and informed them that the suits would be ready for the following week.

“Great!  Just in time for the concert!” Luigi was happy at the news and they started heading out the door.

“Hey, children, wait for me” yelled Alvi who was finishing up with Maria.

“Sorry dad, we were so happy with the new suits we almost forgot about you!” said Martino with a laugh.

Martino and the new outfit, © 2012

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