Martino and the fantasy!

“What is fantasy, dad?”, so begins the story of Martino and the Fantasy.

You know, kids are curious observers, with an imaginary innate creativity that, with time, unfortunately, goes to decline, almost dying, adapting to the uses, visions and behaviors that today's society suggests.

Fundament of teaching philosophy Martino, however, is the preservation of instinctive ability and creative mind of the child.

With Martino tales the young reader - or listener, if the story is read by someone - keeps alive the curiosity, his imagination is preserved, even his creativity gains, because every Martino tale suggests new ways of observation.

In this short story, in fact, the dialogue between daddy, Martino and Elena is interactive, not limited only to the story. Indeed, it suggests inventions, variations according to the guidance of Fantasy, imagination, allowing a serene, healthy and productive evolution.

Martino and the fantasy, © 2012

NG, ©1996-2019

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Martino and the fantasy is one of the tales from the series "Martino Adventures", made​​up of more than 70 short stories.

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