Martino and the bicycle

Martino's Grampa presented Martino with a beautiful bicycle.

Martino is excited but he has no idea on how to ride the bicycle.

Grampa tells him “Now you can learn,

it’s fun to ride a bike, all you need is practice!!

Martino wastes no time,

getting on the bike.

Oops, he can’t stop the bike, it wabbles a bit and... badabomp, Martino falls down.

Grampa, smiling, tells him he has to move the pedals, the bike can’t move itself!

So, Martino tries, gets on the bike and begin to move the pedals. The bike goes! After a few meters... badabomp, Martino falls down again.

Now he understands. He tries it again and the bike rides perfect, this time for a long.

How beautiful, said Martin and... badabomp, yet another tumble.

Grandpa reminds him that he needs to concentrate

and be careful.

So, this time Martino decides to listen to every Grandpa suggestion.

He grabs and gets on his bike, moves the pedals and remains concentrate and... Gooo!

The bike is travelling smoothly, and Martino is very happy!

Now he can hear Grandpa voice saying: “Don’t ride too much farther!”.

Martino is the happiest kid in the world, riding his bike against the wind!

Martino and the bicycle, © 2012

NG, ©1996-2019

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Martino and the bicycle is one of the tales from the series "Martino Adventures", made​​ up of more than 70 short stories.

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